Procompsognathus/Compsognathus was a species of dinosaur from different time periods (Procompsognathus coming from the late Triassic Period, while Compsognathus comes from the later Jurassic Period. They were both about the size of chickens, but a larger species was later discovered to be the size of a turkey. Their names mean "ancestor of the elegant jaw" (Procompsognathus) and "elegant jaw" (Compsognathus). They both were responsible for at least one death in the whole series.

Jurassic Park (Compsognathus)

A simple compsognathus

Jurassic Park (novel)Edit

Compys don't really appear in the novel, just that they were one of the fifteen species of dinosaur recreated for Jurassic Park. They appeared near the end of the book when they attacked and killed John Hammond.

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